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Ramesh Rao Jodige was introduced to Taekwondo almost accidentally at the age of thirteen by Sensei Debabrata Dutta. His razor sharp eye for detail and the need to excel saw him acquiring his first degree black belt in Taekwondo at the age of seventeen. In 1993, he won the state level championship, the south zone championship and another state championship award in 1994.
At the peak of his performance in Taekwondo, he was invited by his Teacher, Sensei Debabrata Dutta to experience Aiki Jujutsu. This was 1994. The rest they say is history. The tryst with Kaze Arashi Ryu was such that in March 1997, Sensei Ramesh's need to excel saw him acheiving what is called the Oki Oryu equivalent to a First Dan Black belt in the Kaze Arashi System of Aiki Jujutsu. In 2002, he achieved the level of Moku Ruku, equivalent to a fourth degree black belt in the conventional sense and went on to reach his current level of a Menkyo (sixth degree black belt).
With more than twenty five years of Martial arts excellence under his belt, he is best known as a student of the art rather than a teacher. His passion is Kaze Arashi Ryu and he has dedicated his time and energy in keeping this ancient art alive. His ambition is to share Aiki Jujutsu with as many people as possible so that they can reap the benefits.

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