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Sensei Sastri, an aeronautical engineer based out of Phoenix, Arizona, was a certified practioner of Aikido, Kempo, Ishin Ryu, Hung gar and Preying Mantis Kungfu since 1970 when he was introduced to Kaze Arashi Ryu Aiki Jujutsu by Sensei Robert Villaire in 1984. He was around 40 years of age at this time.
It was when he was visiting his family members in malleswaram, Bangalore in 1994 that the seeds of this ancient art was sown that eventually led to the establishment of the India/bangalore chapter. He is soley responsible for making it possible for this art to flourish in India.
Sensei Sastri carries the formal Rank "Menkyo Kaiden" in the wind storm tradition and continues to instruct several ranking students in the Kita Yama Dojo in Phoenix, Arizona.
He has a firm foundation in Aircraft Mechanical Engineering and is a Master Artist in wood work. His wife Terri is also a student of Kaze Arashi Ryu and is an Oki Oryu (equivalent to a First Degree Black Belt).
Sensei Ramesh fondly describes his teacher Sensei Sastri as "The greatest martial artist ever, who took the time, energy and effort to bring Kaze Arashi Ryu to India".

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